Bomb and EOD Trucks.

LMI’s engineering and deign experience assures that your EOD/Bomb vehicles delivers within your budget and design and will be delivered ON-TIME.

EOD/Bomb Trucks have plenty of storage space for equipment, scanners, and come rack ready for your team to install componants or we can handle all aspects electronic, computer, video monitoring and camera installation our EOD vehicles also feature a dedicated area for your ordinance disposal robot.

LMI EOD vehicles contain one, two or more workstations, providing your team with communications capabilities and a safe, comfortable area to operate and control the robot. A light-weight, easy-to-deploy ramp and roll up door system provides easy access to your robot. Command and control assets are carefully considered and available by your design specifications.

We are currenty developing a command module designed to be on-site anywhere in the world. See it here.

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